How to Find A Good Agent

There are a lot of excellent agents out there, but it’s crucial to know what makes a reliable real estate agent. In this post, we’ll show you how to find a good agent by covering five vital attributes to an excellent agent. We’ll also highlight experts and their specific tips about finding that perfect match.

1. Find Someone You Want to Work With

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, your agent can mean everything. According to the CA Department of Real Estate, there are over 420,000 licensed real estate professionals in California. That means you have choices.

Real estate is a high stakes endeavor with a lot of money, time, and credit on the line. Even in a perfectly smooth transaction, this process takes time and spending your precious time with an agent. You should enjoy this process. People often overlook the chemistry between the agent and the client, but if there’s little chemistry, then miscommunication and effort issues can follow.

“Above all, the chemistry you have with your agent is important — it’s an indication of how you will interact with your broker during a deeply personal time in your life. Buying or selling a property is a life-changing financial decision, so it’s important to find an agent who truly understands your needs and with whom you feel comfortable.” – The Washington Post

In any transactions, tough decisions will have to be made, and having a healthy relationship with your agent means you can tackle those decisions carefully.

2. Someone Who Comes Referred

Reputation does matter. How former clients feel about an agent can be a strong indication of the experience you may have. Platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google platforms have some noise, but getting the perspective of someone you know and trust can be gold.

According to a recent study by Outbound Agent, “20 percent of your past clients are responsible for 75 percent of your business”.

If past clients consistently illuminate a dark trend, it’s worth taking notice. That being said, if people love them over and over again, don’t miss out.

3. Someone Who Shares Your End Goal

Unfortunately sometimes, the goals of the agent and the client can differ. Finding out early how the agent handles listings is vital because you always want to make sure they’re keeping your goals in mind.

“It is important to know where the agent is focused. The home sale or purchase process should be focused on the client needs and achieving the goals of the client. An agent should never try to “sell” you or pressure you into a decision.”Michelle Ames | Forbes

Whether it’s staying within a specific budget or only allowing certain negotiation point on closing, a great agent should stick to your rules. If you do your due diligence on their values before you hire the agent, then everyone is on the same page.

4. Someone Who Communicates Clearly

Communication is everything. Closing every kind of real estate deal hinges on the agent’s abilities to communicate offers and options throughout the process.

“Poor writing and communication skills could mean that the agent won’t convey important information quickly or clearly, or it might signal that they’re just too busy to work with you. Either way, move on.”Heather Levin | MoneyCrashers

Testing the speed and clarity of your agent’s communication skills is another massive marker for a great real estate agent.

5. Someone Who Understands Your Market

Your time is precious, and there no bigger waste of time than waiting for a real estate agent to catch up to the market. This can manifest itself in the agent missing listings, incorrectly valuing your property, or not closing  the deal on your timeline.

“A good agent should know about other properties that are available in the area, Irwin says. Mention a house in your area that recently sold or is for sale. If the agent knows the property and can give you a few details, that means he or she really knows your area.”Dana Dratch | Bankrate

Finding out your prospective agents market knowledge is one of the easier things to test. That doesn’t mean it’s not super critical. A great agent can find you the perfect home or get you the top price if they know where to look.

Next Steps

Always remember, the competition for your listing is, and you have the right to evaluate the skills of your prospective real estate agent. Using these fundamental principles and really trusting your gut, you can sort through all the fluff and find the perfect agent for your goals.

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