Real Estate News Volume Two

Real Estate News Volume Two

DoorTru continues to highlight what’s going on right now in your real estate market. We’ve assembled the most interesting real estate stories in our Real Estate News Volume Two. These stories are from across the country that affect you and your local real estate market. 

The Moving-In Checklist

So you’ve made your dream come true, and you’re a homeowner. Now what? Well, the folks over at HouseLogic have you covered. They examine the must-do’s for all new homeowners to make sure you’re safe, smart and loving your new home.

Read the full walk-through and get the peace of mind you deserve.

How Do Millennial's Buy Homes?

Research conducted by the Zillow Group highlights the behavioral trends of emerging “millennial” home-buyers. According to Zillow Research, many of generational stereotypes don’t apply, ”They go on more tours, give more open houses, do more research on real estate professionals, and fix up their homes at higher rates than older generations.”

Interested to see what makes your generation unique for home-buying? Then check out the full research piece here.

The Emotional Roadmap for Selling Your Home

Selling a home is an emotional process. Leaving a place that has so many memories can cause stress to prospective sellers and causes many to have cold feet. HouseLogic lays out their “emotional roadmap” for selling your home so you can be prepared and enjoy the process.

From excitement to disappointment to joy, check out the fantastic infographic and blog post here.

Small Changes, Big Remodel

“It doesn’t matter how perfect your home is—if your listing photos don’t stand out, potential buyers won’t come by to take a look” – Whitney Coy of

Have you ever seen photos of a home and instantly fallen in love? There’s an art to preparing a household that includes some small upgrades and high-quality photography. covers a story of 1989 home that received some simple renovations, and it made a world of difference. See the transformation here.

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